Advice and opinions


Professor Smits has practised law for over 30 years, first at the Netherlands Central Bank (DNB) and, then, at the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) and its successor the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM). He has a broad command of legal issues, notably in the area of European Union law concerning the internal market, banking regulation, the euro and Economic and Monetary Union, and competition law. He is an authority on the European Central Bank (ECB).


As a consultant, Professor Smits advises supervisory agencies, financial institutions, industry representatives and law firms on EU monetary and financial supervision legal issues. In recent years, he has given advice to a major EU financial supervisor on appropriate legislative answers to the credit crisis, prepared a legal opinion on the extraterritorial reach of US sanctions against countries in view of the EU ‘blocking statute’, and has given advice on the freedom to provide services for financial firms and on various elements of the law of EMU.


Seminars and lectures


Over many years, Professor Smits has been involved in seminars on financial sector regulation and central bank-related law. Professor Smits has been a regular speaker on legal subjects. Over the past decades he has lectured in Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Louvain, Luxembourg, New York and Geneva. From 2002 until 2014, Professor Smits has co-organised and chaired an annual seminar on Legal Risks and Good Governance for Central Banks in Cambridge (UK), in cooperation with Central Banking Publications, currently a division of Incisive Media.


For an overview of presentations, see the presentations page of this website.


For many years, Professor Smits has been a member of the International Monetary Law Committee of the International Law Association (MOCOMILA). This group brings together practitioners of international monetary law and includes (former) general counsels of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the ECB and the IMF, as well as academics, government officials and practising lawyers in the field of monetary law, debt restructuring, anti money laundering, commercial banking and payments systems. 


Requests for a presentation or lecture can be addressed at the Speakers’ Academy.