Professor Smits is member of the Advisory Committee to the ADEMU Project. ADEMU (A Dynamic Economic and Monetary Union) is a project bringing together research groups from leading EU academic institutions that study the monetary and fiscal structure of the EU with a view to strengthening its resilience to economic shocks and long-term sustainability, providing institutional reform proposals. The kick-off conference was held in Cambridge (GB) on 8-9 October 2015, with input from Professor Smits available here.

The closing conference of the ADEMU Project is to be held in Florence on 9-10 May 2018 just ahead of the State of the Union conference. The conference will wrap up the research in the economic and legal field undertaken with a view to making Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union a dynamic one. The papers resulting from the A Dynamic EMU (ADEMU) Project can be found here, including Professor Smits’ paper Competences and alignment in an emerging future After L-Bank: how the Eurosystem and the Single Supervisory Mechanism may develop. Here are his comments on the state of the project during the Madrid conference on fiscal union (May 2018).



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