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Climate Change and Sustainable Finance

On 3 February 2020, I gave a presentation on Climate Change and Sustainable Finance at a panel discussion on Climate Change and Sustainable Finance which I co-organised with Heikki Cantell at the annual conference of P.R.I.M.E. Finance. The other panellists were Ida Levine, Salahuddin Manzoor, Jonathan Maphosa, Habib Motani, George Affaki, Heikki Cantell and Jaap Winter. The slides are available here: pdf ...

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ESM conditionality in court: two Advocate Generals on 14 Cypriot appeal cases pending in Luxembourg

Yesterday, a challenge of conditionality did not find favour in the European Court. ‘Conditionality’ is another term for a ‘macro-economic adjustment programme’ that EU Member States have to accept when they receive financial assistance to face down financial stability threats. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Cyprus have seen far-reaching policy prescription...

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